Burning dvd video on 812s



im burning dvd video on an 812s and it skips towards the end of the disk but the burn always completes as successfull. if i reburn the compilation a second time it starts skipping in a different area towards teh end of the video. i have some free software that scans the dvd disc and towards the end of the disc are endless crc errors. its cheap legacy brand disks. i was hoping the 812@832 firmaware would have greater media support and possibly include these media.
does anyone know a super compatible disk that not only completes the burn successful, but is compatible with dvd video files on an 812s?

im running a 812s with us0q. im going to flash it to 832s tonight. ive used ridatas with better results but even those sucked in a similar fashion as above discs.


I think you’ve answered your own question in your post :slight_smile: The DVD specs were meant for pressed DVDs - DVD players were designed to read pressed DVDs. Burning a DVD-VIDEO on “cheap legacy discs” as you point out, is asking for trouble. What you describe is clearly a media related issue. Those cheap, low quality crap media are just pure garbage, full of defects some are visible and I’ll bet you if you use DVDInfoPro and run a scan disc, you will get lots of red blocks!

If you are planning on burning VIDEO DVDs use quality discs. Some DVD players are very picky about media and very fussy about the quality, even so MORE than the DVD ROM drive. For VIDEO you are best to use RICOHJPN or MCC04 (I personally use either Maxell DVD+Rs (RICOHJPNR01) or VERBATIM (either RICOH or MCC), and as to video I’d burn it at 4x always, never above that. Also, EVEN if you were to find a magic firmware or hack to burn those poor quality discs well, you will end up with trouble eventually. Those type of discs are not made to last very long and as some reports show, some of those discs deteriorate pretty quickly. So unless you want to end up with a coaster in a few months time, you better use better quality media…you get what you ask for, remember that :slight_smile:


are the key points for compatibility for video just +r? would you recommend verbatim over ridata? i flashed to 832 got same crappy stats with dvdinfo.

my stats on an old ridata -r disc looks pretty promising. they make purchasing media for dvd very tedious. how do i know if i purchase the right media even if im purchasing the right brand/format.
for instance…


is it just a gamble the time when purchasing?


Not all DVD players are made alike and not all are adhere perfectly to all specs either. There are MANY factors that contribute to DVD-VIDEO compatibility on your player, not just the media quality, but many factors including how the MPG file is built and authored. But the most common causes of trouble comes from bad media.

As far as recommending media, Tayo Yuden is top quality but they are quite hard to find depending where you are. RICOHJPN is also very good - I use RICOHJPN for all my DVD VIDEO. What I am describing is the media id code, it’s hard to tell by looking at the spindle or box you purchase. For example, Maxell use different kinds… RITEK and RICOH are most common, VERBATIM uses mostly MCC, and some yuden and RICOHJPNs, etc… As to DVD+R, yes I would always use DVD+R for burning of dvd video, as the +R can be bitset to DVD-ROM and will become compatible with almost all players, and so be playable on some of those players that did not support -R/+R… Only the +R can be changed to DVD-ROM.

As far as compatibility, I always burn my DVD VIDEO using TMPGENC DVD AUTHOR 1.6’s burning engine (PxEngine) - I stopped using NERO a long time ago because after using phillips DVD verifier I noticed many parameters out of specifications, which can cause some problems with some players. Some bug about UDF.


  • Get good quality media… Use +R and bitset to DVD-ROM
  • Use a good authoring program and make sure your mpeg file is up to DVD specs and you should be fine…

Despite all that, you will always find some players that have problems with a given disc, you can’t escape that… but in general I’d say that you should not have much problems with newer DVD players, but may have some with older generation of DVD players.

Trial and error - Find good media that suits you - and check these forums and vcdhelp (media section) for tips on media.