Burning DVD+ Video in U.S. for England TV Player


If I burn a DVD+ with xcopy or dvdcopy or even Nero, on 4x dvd+, A VIDEO OF MY OWN MOVIE MAKING, will it play on…

Computer DVD-ROM drives in England
TV Set DVD players in England


And how to make it compatible.

We have a SONY 16x 800 internal drive.

There is a place in some softwhere - som eprogram that can change regions up to 5 times. Where would that be? And do we have to do that for the DVD+ burning?

Or is that just for playing movies we buy in different countries?


Yes, it should work.
Just select an output file for PAL, in Nero you could see under System Infos how many changes are left. To have a region free dvd you can use for example anydvd or dvd region free.

The regions are set on retail DVDs, pretty much all software removes any region coding and few can burn with it enabled. The big difference is that the video standards between here and Europe are quite different. The US uses the NTSC standard, while the English use PAL. This is likely to only cause a bit of trouble with a TV set player, some can do the conversion and some can’t. But on a computer, this is no problem at all, so at the worst case, they can watch it on their PC.

Once i had a PAL dvd that didn’t play in my dvd player and i was able to; first copy the dvd to hd in file mode with dvd decrypter; second download vobblanker or ifoedit and change the video attributes to NTSC. It didn’t convert the frame rate which is different for the two systems but i was able to watch the dvd. Ifoedit is faster but vobblanker is easier so you may want to try that and see if it works in their standalone dvd player. Again worst case they would just have watch on their pc.