Burning DVD-Video + data



One question is bothering quite a while: Can i add additional data to a DVD-Video disc without compromising standalone compatibility ? So there are the Audio_TS and Video_TS folders, and my question is if i can add other folders to the disc (with images, mp3 files, divx movies, etc) while the disc will be still recognized as DVD-Video.

I don’t have a standalone player to test is, so i need your opinions… What is the best way to put additional data on the DVD-Video disc ?


If the burnt disc have been finalized then no you can not add any further data to it.


A standalone dvd player will search for the VIDEO_TS folder and the .ifo files in it first.

You can put add. stuff into other folders if you like.


@TCAS: sorry, i wasnt clear enough, i don’t want to create multi-session disc. Guess the correct formulation should have been “add additional data to the [I]compilation[/I] that would result in a DVD-Video compliant disc” :slight_smile:

@chef: thanks. i just like to have things together, so i thought of adding poster images to the movie dvds i burn.