Burning DVD using Nero

Hello everyone,

I’m having a little problem, everytime i burn a DVD it takes me 3 to 4 hours. Can someone please help me?

A little details…like system, burner, media type and datasource might go a long way.

Hi Forher2c,
I had same prob;em with Nero. I now use DVDShrink- a freeware program. It seems to work in conjunction with Nero. Back up time for my favourite movie “Dances with Wolves” was about 30 mins.

Whats up Rosco,
thanks for the reply. I’m new to this so could yo please tell me where to get that from

Get Dvd shrink and Dvd decrypter from dvd decrypter.com

thanks huntert

Hey father2c…
What type of burner do you have, system, etc? Is your drive set for DMA? I’d be checking that first. You can run Nero info tools to find out or go into device mgr and check.


hey Mark,
thanks for the info, but do you think its because its Nero 2

Don’t think so. Even Nero 2 shouldn’t take that long but it wouldn’t hurt to update it!!!

BTW You can download a trial version of Nero 6 to verify your thought.

Ok. how do i go to the device mgr

Hey forher2c…

If your running XP go to start, right click my computer, click hardware tab, then device mgr., then IDE ATA controllers, Primary and secondary, and click advanced tab. There you will see if it’s in DMA or PIO mode. If its PIO arrow it down to DMA and re-boot. After re-boot go back in again to make sure it stayed. If it didn’t you’ll have to uninstall the drive and re-boot and let windows redetect it. Hope this helps & Merry Christmas.


hey Mark,
Thank you for all your help tonight and sorry if all my ?'s were dumb.
Merry Christmas to u to.

My pleasure and there’s NO such thing as a dumb question. It’s only dumb when not asked. PEACE!!!

Hey Mark,
i checked it and it was already on DMA

What drive are you using? Is the firmware current? Download the free 30 day trial of Nero 6 and see if that helps !!!

What do you mean what drive i’m using?

Brand and model of DVD burner drive. Or am I getting so tired that I missed it. If I did (but I don’t think so) I’m sorry.

Don’t know, A friend built it for me but can’t get in touch with him

Then I’m affraid You’ve put me into a brick wall other than to try the Nero trial.