Burning DVD using nero 7

i installed nero 7 recently… tried backin up data on DVDs… it always gives me an error “could not perform end-of-disc at once” and the burn process gets terminated.
at the same time if i try writing CDs it doesn give me a problem.
can anyone temme wats wrng!

I helped a friend with this exact problem. The fix was to update the firmware on the burner. It worked and he has no problem any more.

hey updated my burner firmware… it was SB04 version… its nw updated to SB07 version… its a samsung SH-S182D drive.
but still the problem persists… “power caliberation error” and “end of disc” error occur and the burning terminates.

Here is a solution I found on another forum that worked for some others with the same problem.

[li]on Desktop click Start[/li][li]select Control Panel[/li][li]click on Administrative Tools[/li][li]click on Services[/li][li]browse your way down to IMAPI CD BURNING COM SERVICE[/li][li]right click (on IMAPI) then select properties[/li][li]in the middle of the window, it will say start up type. Click on the arrow to the right and select disabled.[/li][li]make sure you click APPLY[/li][/ul]Hope it helps.

hey tried this too. same problem again. any more solutions?? else maybe il go in fr a hardware check. but if hardware had the problem i wudn have been able to write a CD. anyways thanks fr the help til nw… lookin forward to any more possible solutions…

That’s a great drive that should burn practically anything.

Check and make sure your DMA is enabled for the drive (see the link in my signature, “How to check/enable DMA” - the drive should have UDMA Mode 2 as the Current Transfer Mode).

Also, what brand is the media you’re using?

yeah the setting is DMA enabled only… media means the DVDs i am using?? they r sony…

What speed are you burning at?

If you’re burning at max speed (16x, or they maybe supported at 18x, can’t remember since I haven’t burned a Sony disc in awhile), then try lowering the speed to 8x or 12x.