Burning DVD:s at 4X speed and still needing Burn Proof?



[qanda]This thread is about the Plextor PX-716A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello! My first post here. I hope this is the right forum.

When burning DVD:s, I get at least 10 “Burn Proof occurrence:s” per disc.

  • Software: Plextools LE
  • Software buffer: 200 MB
  • Burning through hard disk image
  • 4X speed
  • Hard disk indexing enabled
  • Not much other programs running as far as I know


  • Windows XP, Service Pack 2
  • AMD Athlon 64 3500+
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 80 GB of Free hard disk space
  • PX-716A DVD-burner, firmware updated
  • NVIDIA nForce4 Paraller ATA Controller Primary Channel: Ultra DMA 5- Ultra 100
  • NVIDIA nForce4 Paraller ATA Controller Secondary Channel: Ultra DMA - Ultra 33

The DVD:s end up readable. However, my system should be able to do the job without relying on Burn Proof, shouldn’t it? Does the Burn Proof compromise the quality of the discs? The data is important and should last several years.

Thanks for reading


Sounds like your media is a bad quality media?

This is why they created Burn proof


Just note that some drives use WOPC to check the media quality during the burning process. To do this, the drive must make use of the Burn Proof technology, pause the burn, read the disc, and resume burning. For a lot of drive manufacturers, this doesn’t cause much if any noticeable drop in quality directly related to just stopping and starting the burn.

As for quality issues directly related to buffer underruns themselves, I don’t see a great deal of quality loss until the drive reaches a pretty high write speed and continuously has to use Burn Proof. The constant starting and stopping may cause a clump of digital errors to occur on the disc that might not have occurred before, and even then, the quality of the disc shouldn’t be compromised by much.

I am not sure if the Plextor software would count the WOPC checks at instances of the use of Burn-Proof, though, but 4x shouldn’t be too much of a stress on a system unless the system is busy with many other tasks, or you are burning a lot of tiny files scattered/fragmented over 1 hard drive [or 1 large, heavily fragmented image].

Also, what media are you using to back up your data?


The media is Verbatim Gold Archival, which is more expensive than other brands, if nothing else.

Does the propability of “Burn Proof Occurrence” (Buffer underrun) depend on media quality? I am no expert, but I would assume, that it rather depends on buffer size, data tranfer speed and write speed… The write results are not checked during burning, are they?

EDIT: Didn’t see Albert’s message about WPOC.

UPDATE: Today I got two discs in succession with missing data…

[QUOTE=coolcolors;2177626]Sounds like your media is a bad quality media?

This is why they created Burn proof



Depending on the burning app you are using, you can watch the buffer levels (Nero for instance). If the buffers are running low/empty it could be that it can’t pull the data quick enough from your HDD. This would be caused be a heavily fragmented HDD or not enough free space. If the buffer levels are good, then it is likely a hardware or media issue. Media is easy enough to change and test. You’ve already verified DMA is enabled. So all that is left is the burner itself. I also noticed you only have 1Gb of RAM. It shouldn’t be an issue, but try watching Task Manager during a burn and note how much memory is being used. XP is much happier with 2GB. And try another burning app. ImgBurn is highly recommended and it’s free.