Burning DVD-RW with Write10 (not NERO SDK)

Hi for all…

I could not find a necessary for me subforum, so wrote here. Let Moderators move topic at the right place, if necessary.

I have one question.
How burning sectors to DVD-RW using SCSI_WRITE10?

I wrote code which works fine for CD and DVD+RW but with DVD-RW I have a troubles.

My actions step by step:

1. Initializing burning object
2. Setting write parameters (SCSI_MODE_SENSE Page=0x05) with value:
    WriteType = 0x60
    TrackMode = 0x05
    DataBlockType = 8
3. Trying make reserving track (SCSI_RESERVE_TRACK) returns error
4. Create buffer (for example, read from ISO file) with Length = 32*2048
5. Send SCSI_WRITE10 command and...get "burning error - sector 0"

Somebody can help me?