Burning DVD+RW on NERO




I have a Dell Dimension c521 computer with a DVD RW burner. I am able to burn DVD-R’s without problems with my nero burning software but when I try to burn a DVD-RW disc it says illegal disc? I’m new with burning DVD RW disc and maybe I need a different type of burner for these discs? I’m sure I left out information that is needed to help me, so please let me know what else I need to provide. Thanks.


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Probably the RW disc has some problems.

Try the following method.

Install ImgBurn (free software) and run it. Select the “Write mode”, and then insert the RW disc on the drive.

Finally press the little button shown in picture and select “FULL erase”. At the end of the erasing, try again to burn the disc. Some times this method works to recover the rewritable disc :slight_smile:

Another possibility is that your drive needs a firmware update, because the disc cannot be recognized by the currently installed firmware. in this case, check at Dell website if an update is available :slight_smile:


These are brand new dvd’s. Do new ones need to be erased first?


What brand are they?


[QUOTE=dnichols822;2171557]These are brand new dvd’s. Do new ones need to be erased first?[/QUOTE]

Actually I don’t know if it is needed, but I always do a full erase for new discs :slight_smile: