Burning DVD-RAM Discs

I have VideoRedo to remove the commercials from captured programs that I may want commit to a DVD at some point in the future. I have an OEM version of Cyberlink’s PowerProducer 3 which will burn DVD-RAM discs but it takes for ever and a day to compile the folders and files for a two hour program.

Is there any other software that will read mpeg files and burn them (in a reasonable time) to a DVD-RAM for viewing on my Panasonic DMR-ES10. Alternatively is there any way to speed up PowerProducer 3 disc compilation?

It seems you have 2 dif probs: file encoding and transfer to DVD-RAM times.

You can improve your rendering time (software and hardware dependent) and you can have look at http://www.videohelp.com where you can find info, guides and tutorials about a lot of video related issues.

You can also transfer the info to your PC and only burn to the RAM discs when you have the all thing done.

If you can use an application that doesn’t require re-rendering, time will have a dramatic reduction. But if you can not avoid it, having a fast data HDD separated from the system’s one will also help you to cut a lot of time.

At the end, burning to the RAM disc will depend on your drive and used discs speed (use 5x discs ), but you can use the background writting of DVD-RAM in your favour and to reduce the impact to your other activities.