Burning DVD+R help!


3.00E GHz
intel Pentium 4 processor with
Hyper- Threading Technology

512 MB
PC3200 DDR SDRAM memory

7200RPM Ultra DMA hard drive

DVD writer and CD -writer

CD-ROM drive
48x max. speed

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
AGP 8x graphics card with
128MB DDR video memory
TV out and DVI support

I use NERO as my CD burning tool but now i try to burn a DVD+R cd but a menssage pup’s up saying

                                         " Please insert the disc to write to...

                                 Disc require for the compilation    DVD+R/RW
                                 Disc type in the recorder:           (empty)

the option that am using in NERO is Make a DATA DVD

if am doing something wrong please can any one let me know and if any one can recomend me a better cd/dvd burning software that it’ll be awsome

Supply more info, starting with the [B]EXACT burner model!![/B] and exact used media and exact Nero version…

Typically, “combo” drive means a drive that can read or write CDs, but only read DVDs. Are you sure the drive should be able to write DVDs?

This is a cross posting.

In the other thread problem has been solved so best to ignore this one.