Burning DVD+R DL on NEC 4571A

Im new to the forum and i need some help if someone can help me please.

I just bought myself some DVD+R DL discs and i seem to be having some problems burning them, either they fail or they complete but then the drive just sorta freezes when trying to read them

I have the 1.02 firmware upgrade on it already and im using DVD decrypter to burn, i tried both at slow and fast speeds but little does it help.

Can anyone tell me what i can do? or are the discs i bought just crap for the burner? (if so how do i tell which ones are good and which ones aren’t?)


What media are you using? cus for DL burns I and others recommend Verbatim DVD+R DL media,and IMGBurn to burn them…
But explain your process from start, i.e. more details…

They are called MediaRange DVD+R DL 8,5 GB 2,4x speed Double Layer and the media code is: RICOHJPND00

i have a few .iso files that are fairly large around 7-8 gigs, and i use dvd decrypter for it.

need more info?

Your problems are most probably media quality related. Only Verbatim makes decent quality DL disks that yield consistent burns from disk to disk.

Even if you get a burn to complete on those disks, I would not trust the data on it.

Some info and users experience with those disks:

Thanks alot for the help. ill be sure to get Verbatim next time.