Burning DVD+R DL (n0ob)

Hi all, I just bought a NEC 3540 to replace my old ass burner… And I just bought a 3 pack of Memorex DVD+R DL for about $7.99 @ compusa… This is my first time ever trying to use a DL disc and I probably should have looked around or asked first before I tried… I used DVD Shrink to rip a DVD uncompressed and then tried to burn the ISO using A 120% But I got an error about 40% of the way into it… Any tips on settings or a better program to do all this with? Thanks for any help on the matter. :confused:

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It may well be a media problem, which will be of little comfort to you now you have bought those discs already. Verbatim media is considered to be the best DL media available, you might like to try some the next time you purchase DL media.

That’s what I got to do. I bought some platinum (I don’t remember the mediacode) and the burning was awfull, the PIF reached 150 and PIE near 2000 (I think it was near these values) :a . But I live in Portugal and the only places I find selling Verbatin DL media is to expensive :frowning: !
But I also have bad results in SL media.
I just tried media from fortis, wich I didn’t expected to be good, but also from TDK, which I has hopping to be of good quality…
Liggy or Dee (or anybody else):
Can bad burns be result of not formating the harddrive for a long time? (I have instaled this windows 2 years ago)
One more thing, is dvd shrink good burning DVD’s or should I burn with Nero?
(I just read this http://www.cdfreaks.com/software/68 and it says dvdshrink doesn’t burn dvds but I’m almost sure I used it to burn one…)

dont use shrink…use dvd decrypter…Dee is right though…that memorex stuff is not good…get verbatim…:slight_smile:

Platinum uses RITEKD01 too. Verbatims are the only good choice.

But I use dvd decrypter to rip the dvd’s and use dvd shrink to convert to dvd5.

What has the target then to do with DL, when you have a DVD5 in the end???

update your firmware first. Ritek D01 is not great. But they should be OK. I remeber in “blank DVD media test”, NEC3540 stock firmware does not work well on this media.

With 1.w7, I got a readable disc with smooth reading curve at least (pi/po scan is horrible. 10x higher error rate than Verbatim DL/MKM001). My complaint is that only 2.4X on NEC3540 while my Plextor 716A can do 4X. And quality scan seems to favor Plextor 716A’s 4X burn.

That was not, with DL, that was on SL…

Howdy all, thanks for the responses… I tried burning it again using NERO Ultra and it worked fine. I updated the Firmware as soon as I found out about this site, I’ll look into getting some better quality media as well… thanks again!

Nobody answered me=/!
Can bad burns be result of not formating the harddrive for a long time? (I have instaled this windows 2 years ago)…
I have some media from tdk and the scans look awfull

That is difficult to answer. Have you installed, uninstalled, re-installed many programs, shareware, etc. In my case, I have been running the same XP installation for more than 2 years. I don’t play games and only update software when absolutely needed. I don’t download from warez sites and keep my firewall, spyware, and virus protection updated.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this. If you don’t abuse XP, it should be fine for many years. As for the TDK scans, check the media code and see how others have done with it (comparing to the same drive, of course). Also, have you tried playing the discs? You may be surprised.

Thankz :slight_smile: .
I keep my firewall, virus scanner a spyware scanner updated too, but I kind of abuse of installing and uninstalling software (games, and other)… That could be it… :iagree:
The Code is MBIPG101 R04 (001)
My scans have nothing to do with the ones I saw on the forum, pie and pif were about 20x higher… Writing at the same speed with the same drive (NEC 3540 1W7).
All the disks I burned untill now play well, except the +R DL from PLATINUM, that breaks between layers (or close to that).
The problem is that some of the disk quality tests show pie’s of 3000 and pif of 90… Not to talk about the DL media (ritek d01) that reached 157 pif :a

Made a mistake, media ain’t from TDK, but from MMORE, but the code is right.