Burning DVD+R DL always fails at 50%

I’m using BenQ DW1640 with RiData 2.4x DVD+R DL media.

I’ve tried using DVD Decrypter, CloneDVD, and Alchohol 120%. It almost always fails at 50%. What’s the deal?


I suspect you have fallen victim to poorly made DL disks, but I don’t know for sure. Someone tell elstevedore whether the RiData DL are a quality branded media or just another outsourcer like Memorsux. I would never consider anything other than Verbatim +R DL so I have no experience with RiData.

Use the 1640’s bitsetting utility to booktype +R media to DVD-ROM.

What are the DL media speed rated at? Don’t burn at top speed … cut the burn speed down to half the media rating or at least one “notch” slower than the rated speed.

CloneCD (not CloneDVD) as well as Decrypter/ImgBurn (use ISO in&out mode)
will (should in theory) preserve the original DVD9 movie’s layer break, when you burn to DL media, rather than invent it’s own position for a layer break. This gives you a true 1:1 backup of the original. And as I have said, booktyping insures broad player compatibility … your choice of the 1640 is excellent because it is a world class burner for doing exactly that!

But when you state that “…it almost always fails at 50%…”, it seems to indicate that the failure is occuring at the begining of the burning of the second layer (each of the softwares you mentioned will choose a different break point for this layer transition), that further indicates an “overall” media failure issue since it happened with all three backup softwares.

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Booktyping is set to DVDROM for all media types. The discs are rated 2.4X but still fail at 1X. The fact that they always fail at exactly 50% leads me to suspect layer break issues and not faulty media, but I could be wrong.

I draw the opposite conclusion but it is an admittedly unqualified conclusion. Nobody of experience has stepped in to tell us what they think of RiData quality but media is always(!) the first variable to eliminate when troubleshooting backup issues. Can you get a hold of some Verbatim +R DL? And try CloneCD… you get a full version, 21 day free evaluation period. CloneCD is very highly regarded, for 1:1 DL backups, here on cdf. Don’t let the “CD” in the name of the software make you think it is not a DVD optimized backup software for 1:1 copies of your home movie collection.

If your instinct tells you to chase software induced layer breaking as the issue then try CloneCD. I’d still eliminate the media variable if you can get a hold of even a single-pack Verb to test once more.

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First of all if you are going to use DvD Decrypter, you must use AnyDvD with it as well during the iso read process to your harddrive.

( Two files - iso,mds)

This is because DvD Decrypter is no long updated and can no longer handle the latest protections. Secondly, now use Imgburn and burn from the mds file(iso write). Imgburn is a updated version of DvD Decrypter burn engine. The mds file is a file that gives instruction to the burn engine and contains the required info for the layer break.

If I am not mistaken RiData 2.4x DVD+R DL media is made by Ritek. This is not the greatest media to use. Most people will tell you to use
Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim. I Myself have been using Ricoh media and have had great success. It came down to a matter of price. 3 pack Verbatims sell for $34.99 each where I can get Ricoh for about $3.99 each. I just know the risk of not using the best.

Note: Upgrade your firmware.

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It could be two things:

  1. Bad firmware support. What is your DW1640 firmware? The latest is BSOB.

  2. Bad media. RiData 2.4x DVD+R DL most likely will have a Media ID of RitekD01, which may be good but not the best. You will find that most users recommend MKM001 from Verbatim or Maxell DVD+R DL, both should be marked Made in Singapore on the package. If you can afford MKM003 (Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL) then its even better.

The MDS file is essential for DVD Video only. Any softwares can write data or ISO file (with or without selecting MDS) perfectly without any burning error.

I think it’s a media issue. My friend grabbed some Memorex DL media a couple of weeks back and had failures with every one around the 90% mark. I gave him one of my Verbatims and he burned it just fine.

Get the latest firmware for your burner then try the Verbatim +R DL media.

Zevia: 1. Where do I get BSOB? The latest I see on BenQ’s site is BSMB. Do the “N” and “O” updates address DVD+R DL burning issues?

  1. Yeah, I’ll try to get some Verbatim and give them a shot, but I still have 10 of these RiData discs, so if there’s any way to get them to work…

Well, you got a few members interested enough to weigh-in on your issue. I can tell you are not inexperienced, but it seems like many believe it’s either a media or a firmware issue. For sure update your firmware if you are not current. You may still be correct or partially correct but eliminate the simplest variables before looking for a software fix would be my advice.

The Verbatims can be bought for way less than the price quoted in one of the above postings. If you are in the USA, Office Depo or CompUSA or the online stores often put them on sale for $2.00 a disk on spindles. So check the sunday newspaper advertisements. The outlets know the Verbs have a good rep so putting them on sale makes a good ad leader for the store or outlet. Thats when they get my money … and lots of it(!), I buy 200-500 at a time, depending on how much unallotted money I have to spend. And no fear either, like with off brands, that you will get stuck with hundreds of worthless disks.

Check out these online outlets:


In L.A. I can get what I want on store shelves but depending on your area, you may not have that luxury. I recommend none of these from experience, but simply list them for your convenience.

Also here is an interesting eval of good to bad media.

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Are they single packs or spindle packaging? If they were part of an open spindle then you can’t return them for money or store credit. But you can put them aside just in case it is not a media or firmware issue. I hate wasted money too.

Take a look here: Post new BenQ / Philips firmware ANNOUNCEMENTS here

it shouldn’t be a firmware issue. I use BSMB on my 1640 with find results, but I only use Verbatim DL media.

BSNB had some kind of bug (i forget what at the moment) and BSOB was the fix for it. updating to BSOB (while probably recommended) isn’t necessary when it comes to DL burning.

follow instructions that have already been posted using dvd decrypter to rip (ISO and MDS files)and Imgburn to burn the MDS file and that’s more or less the best you can get in the way of DL burning.

make sure nothing is running in the background. disconnect your computer form teh internet if you have to, disable virus scanner, screensavers, etc, etc… don’t even LOOK at your computer while it’s burning…you might make it mad haha.

make sure you’re burning no higher than the rated speed (2.4x)

if you still get poor results…well that’s what happends with crappy media. i can guarantee the verbs will burn better.

also, i don’t know what your Qsuite settings are, but mine have always been SB known/unknwon both on, WOPC on, Overspeed off, and I do well with Verbs (usually 96 quality score when i scan with nero cd-dvd speed)

i can understand wanting to be able to use the discs that you have, but do you really want to burn your movies to something that’s probably not going to last long anyway? a poor burn on poor quality media can (but doesn’t necessarily) lead to quicker deterioration and degradation of the data on the disc.

if you haven’t burned a ton yet, i’d try to return them. plenty of people here have returned opened packs of media without problems.

best buy has a 20 pack spindle of verbatim on sale for $40 if you’re in the US.

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Firmware does play a role in this case, especially if elstevedore has the drive with firmware pre-BSMB.

BSMB Release Reason:

  1. Modified the writing strategy for DVD-R, DVD-R DL & DVD+R DL media.
  2. Improved the compatibility between SolidBurn and QSuite for DVD-R media.
  3. Supported new feature in QSuite v2.1 (Show media support information)

If elstevedore already has BSMB installed when problems occur, then you are right about the other parts of your post. :slight_smile:

yeah i thought he said he had BSMB…if not then update to AT LEAST BSMB!!!

It doesn’t matter SolidBurn doesn’t support DL media! :wink:

haha good point!

It’s not necessarily a “must” to use AnyDVD when using DVD Decrypter since not all of the newer dvds have copy protections that DVD Decrypter can’t work around, although it’s certainly more fool-proof to do so.