Burning DVD+-R after DVDShrink

Hi, excuse me if I am posting this in the wrong place. I have read the guides that I have found and still have a question. I have backed up a few DVDR’s with XCopyExpress and while they work on my computer, they hang up at the Backup warning on my stand alone Toshiba SD-K620 DVD player. So, I thought that instead, I would try DVD Shrink and then I would like to burn with some freeware if possible. I have DVD Decrypter. I have downloaded ASPI layer from adaptec. I have tried and made 2 “coasters” so far.
I have started over and I have burned a cd onto my hard drive. In the video_TS file I have .BUP, .IFO and .VOB files.
Do I next need to use Img Tool? or would AutoShrink be something I would need.
I am not sure what my next best step would be. Thanks for the help.

take a look here.

That lead was very helpful.
I downloaded the newest version of ImgTool, but, it gives me the message ImgTool can’t find Nero API ImgTool will now close. I went to the Nero website and they do not have a demo version available yet. Should I uninstall the newest and try to download an older version of ImgTool? It said that maybe I could do that by special request ,as I remember (classic version).
I also saw a program called Burnatonce. Would that be as good a way to go?
Just want to get set up the right way. Appreciate the input.

Josh L.

Yes…I use IMGtool to burn my vobs, very good burning tool.

There is a demo version of Nero here…

i believe your problems are coming from using ImgTool and not ImgTool Classic. Classic is what is used with the guide i linked and doesn’t need nero. you should be able to find Classic in the downloads section for doom9.