Burning dvd problems

I can no longer burn dvds on my pc’s dvr. I can open files and play from my dvr (e drive) but when I right click, send to, it does not show up as a path. I had work done on my computer a while back and that is when it stopped. I told someone about the problem and he thought it might in something like codex stuff. How can I get it back? Wha can I look for as a problem maker? Help Please. :bow:

You cannot use “Send To” unless your disc is formated for packet writing and you have packet writing software installed.
If you want to burn file you need to use burning software.

Hi maineart
CDuncle is correct[B]!![/B] however some computer manufacturers install DLA so you are able to drag and drop right to the drive/burneror as you said use to do…"send to"
if you are not sure if you have DLA installed you can right click on the drive/burner and and select properties if you see a DLA tab then you can place a check mark in the box next to “Enable DLA on your drives” then click apply then ok :wink: