Burning dvd problems

Hi everyone, I’m hoping someone out there can guide me in the right direction. I haven’t been able to successfully backup any of my dvd’s for awhile. I don’t get any error messages through the entire process. Everything seems to work fine, until I go to play the back up in my standalone player. Sometimes the player says incorrect disc, and other times I can get to the main menu. If I can get to the mail menu, I am able to select play. The movie starts to play, but it immediately locks up and won’t do anything.

My process: first I open anydvd…then I insert the dvd to be backed up in the drive…then I open dvdshrink…the dvd opens fine…it then backs up fine with no error messages…it creates an image file…then I use nero 7 to burn the image…I’ve tried using both dvd+r and dvd-r…I get the same results with both types.

Any suggestions?? Anyone???

Post the burn log from nero, would be a big help. Remove the serial number first.

What media are you using and has your dvd player played backups in the past (if so try one that you know should work)
Then we can rule out dvd player failure

Hi boys & girls. About burning problems: someone knows how can i update firmware version of dvd writer LG? In LG site i don’t find nothing.