Burning DVD problem



Hi all you experts,
hope I am in the right “forum”…
As this is my first “post”, please be kind to me…
I tried to burn a copy of a DVD, but was unsuccessful, because it was too big, over 7 gig, so I am trying to “break it down” to 2x4.7 gig DVD’s. So far I have been able to complete the first part of the exercise, by burning all the video_ts.bup, video_ts.ifo, all the first lot of bup,vob,and vts_01_0.ifo etc files to a DVD and it works fine. Music and video are perfect. So I did the same with the latter part of the “Vob” files but the DVD will not play at all.
I have tried several ways to burn it, all without success.
I think that the larger “VIDEO_TS.VOB” probably holds the information that tells the DVD what the contents are supposed to be, and as this information is not all there in the second DVD there is a problem, but that is a guess on my part.
My question now is, is it even possible to do what I am trying to do?
Will I ever get the second part to work?
I do not give up easily, but need a bit of a helping hand here.
Do I need to get extra software or just more knowledge?
I am quite capable at burning anything and everything else, but would dearly love to improve my expertise at this venture.
All help will be appreciated.
p.s. have just read the article about “double layer DVD’s”, and that appears to be what I am trying to copy.


The whole idea of burning software is to compress 2 layer DVDs to one 4.7 Gig blank. You should not be manipulating the files, let the software do it for you. Software such as DVD Copy by InterVideo allows you to burn to 2 blanks if you want to, but the quality doesn’t seem to suffer with the compression to 1 blank. Clone DVD is another excellent burn software that allows you to burn multiple copies, but each to only one disk. There are dozens of them. If you want to burn an encripted disk you need to strip the encription with AnyDVD or simular software.