Burning DVD on Sony DRU-710a

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DRU-710A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi,

I have some problems on burning with DRU-710A. Please bear my explanation.

When I burn to optical media, I follow these steps:

[li]Prepare checksums (MD5+CRC32) for the files I want to burn on HDD
[/li][li]Burn the data (for CD, I use half of the max burning speed of the media, usually 16-24x; for DVD, I use the lowest speed available, usually 4x; always finalize)
[/li][li]Load the burned disc to my Samsung DVD-ROM (TSSTcorp SH-D162C) and re-copy the data from the disc to a temp folder on my HDD
[/li][li]Recheck the copied files against the prepared checksums

For the most part, I have no trouble with CD. DVD is another matter, it “inconsistently” failed on step #3. By “inconsistently” I meant that some DVD passed step #3 flawlessly, while other failed. Re-burning (using new disc) the same set of files can fail on step #3 at different points (i.e. disc #1 failed on file A, disc #2 failed on file B, disc #3 failed on file X).

Sometimes I can burn 2-3 discs without problem, while other times all my burns is bad (usually I stop after 2-3 consecutive botched burns, grumbling).

If a DVD passed step #3, it usually pass step #4 also. Trying to repeat step #3 and #4 at any other times will give consistent result (passed disc will always pass, failed disc will always fail at the same point).

I also tried to “CHKDSK /F” and defrag the partition where the source files reside, no avail.

All in all, my success rate on burning DVD with this burner is below 60%.

As a side note, using “track-at-once” setting on Nero when burning CDs give me more consistent success, as oppose to “disc-at-once”, which is why I usually use Nero for CD burning. “disc-at-once” can sometime give the same “inconsistent” failure, although much less frequently than DVD. Sadly, there’s no “track-at-once” setting for DVD on any burner sw I use (see below)

Here’s my system:

[li]PentiumD 3Ghz
[/li][li]MSI 945P Neo3 - i945 chipset
[/li][li]DigitalAlliance 7200 - NVidia 7200 chipset
[/li][li]2GB Corsair Xms2
[/li][li]Seagate ST3160211AS 160GB SATA
[/li][li]Samsung TSSTcorp SH-D162C DVD-ROM on IDE Master (firmware: TS05)
[/li][li]Sony DRU-710A DVD-RW on IDE Slave (firmware: BY03)

OS: WinXP Professional N Service Pack 2

Burning software:

[li]Nero Burning ROM 8.0.3
[/li][li]UltraISO PE (occasionally)

Media: Verbatim DVD+R

I also tried on Ubuntu 7.10 with the default burner sw. Same result

Plz help. My files are dear to me.


What speed are the Verbatim DVD+R discs are you using? If they are 16x, 4x might be a tad too slow. You might want to check the thread Did you know: Slow write speeds + modern drives + modern media = no good. Another software you might want to try out for burning optical media is ImgBurn and it is free! There is nothing wrong with your setup from what you’ve shared, the only dodgy step is #3 with DVDs. I really do think it’s a media burning speed issue.

Right, burning 16x Verbatim media at 4x is just believing in old myths and wasting time too.
8x or 12x is the way to go.

Checked the media, it’s 16x. So, too slow is no good. I forgot to tell that I’ve used the last of my stock trying to burn at max speed. The result is worse than if I burn at 4x. At 4x, I got 1 or to hiccups. Although random, it usually occurs around the middle toward the end (2-4gb), and I can skip copying that file(s). With max speed, the error occur early, around the 1st 1/4 (500mb), and have so many hiccups that the OS gave up reading it.

Haven’t tried 8x/12x, but I know 6x is no good either. I’ll try as soon as I restock.

BTW, I’m using a rule, given by a friend, to burn at a speed max 1/2 of the media supported, i.e. burn 52x CD at 24x max. Is this a good idea or just another myth?


[QUOTE=jared19;2205799]BTW, I’m using a rule, given by a friend, to burn at a speed max 1/2 of the media supported, i.e. burn 52x CD at 24x max. Is this a good idea or just another myth?[/QUOTE]

That’s a good rule of thumb, one that I oftentimes employ. Most of the CDFreaks forum members would recommend the following burning speeds on 16x and faster DVD writers without sacrificing quality: 16-24x for 48/52x CDs, 6-8x for 8x DVDs, and 8-12x for 16x DVDs. There are a few exceptions of course, and these all depend on your media and burner combination.