Burning dvd movies to work on ps2

Hi, hope someone out there can help me, as this is my first attempt at DVD burning and its already doing my nut in :sad:

I am using Sothink Movie DVD Maker to convert some MPEG video into DVD Video format, and burning to a single layer DVD+R disc using Nero 6.

However, the burnt disc works on the pc using media player 10 but will not work on my unmodified PS2. Do burnt DVD’s work on PS2?

Is there anything else i need to do? Or other programmes that would work better?

If you can help, try imagining im a child when you explain it, lol :confused:

Had the same problem with my xbox some time ago…i believe you need to use a different type of disc??? DVD-R perhaps? That’s really a shot in the dark…someone can feel free to correct me if they know the answer :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, a bit more info, ive also just tried it on my old Grundig DVD player and that wont work either.

I also have another movie that someone else burned for me, thats DVD+R but still works on my PS2.

Any other suggestions please?