Burning DVD movies: major problem!

I’ve downloaded two movies using newsgroups. Once they were done downloading I ran the .par2 files, and they said the download was complete. When I run the movies on my computer, they run just fine. But once I burn them to a DVD and put them in a DVD player the screen does a sliding motion down. So a frame will slide off the screen going down, and a new one will takes its place and so on. It is the movie playing, but its doing a wierd slide motion and I have no clue why.

I used nero OEM, version: which is BRAND new that came with my DVD burner (BENQ). I used the “Burn DVD-Video files” option from nero. I put the following files listed below in the “VIDEO_TS” folder on the DVD.


I also tried just burning them as a data disk, and it does the same exact thing with the sliding motion. I know the files are fine because the .par2 said they were and they run fine on my computer (WinDVD). This happened to two different movies posted by different people.

Since it wasn’t working, I had my mom try and burn them also with your DVD burner and different software she uses (don’t know what it was, but it wasn’t nero). The same exact results! It just did the sliding motion like mine. My DVD player is suppose to play both PAL an NTSC. One of the movies was a PAL, not sure about the other one. But its wierd that is has happened with two different movies with the samething happening. I don’t want to bother downloading any more movies till I get this figured out.

The DVD player I used to play movies:

Any help would be great!


The “slide” motion kind of sounds like what happens with a PAL disc, but it’s usually a really fast rolling picture. Have a look through your DVD player’s menus and see if there’s a setting for what to output the picture to your TV as… Most that I’ve seen have Auto, NTSC, and PAL as options, with Auto picked as default, so it picks the same format as the disc. Pick NTSC and it should straighten it out.

Yep, that worked. Thanks alot!