Burning DVD ISO with PX-716 issue

This is my first try at this. I finally got around to installing my DVD burner. I have an ISO to try burning…

I have tried it with nero a couple of times. One was at high speed another was at the lowest speed I could select. I have also tried it with plextools. All the results are the same. They will play on computers but not on either of the set top dvd-players I have to try them on.

Is there some settings I am missing somewhere? Is there some procedure for burning ISO’s of DVD’s that I am missing?

The media I am messing with is TDK. It is high on the list of plextor recommended media. The ID is TTH02. Is this stuff garbage or is it ok? I got it on sale so I really dont care :wink:

Is it the media, a setting, the drive??? Any help would be great. Gotta love the plextor stuff. I am still using my Ultraplex 40max and Plexwriter 8/20 :bow:

Booktype set to DVD-Rom?

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Is it a movie?

I think, you should use Alchool software, since is is better for ISO`s, images…

TDK isn`t bad, but you should try Verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden…

I hope did help you!


Download Imgburn (freeware) http://www.imgburn.com/

this software is great for iso burning , and it’s free !!!

You may want to try UltraISO to check if you’ve really got a correct iso. A trial can be downloaded somewhere at http://www.ezbsystems.com/enindex.html

Is that possible with DVD-R?

I would really like to use nero if possible. I have a friend that has no trouble at all doing exactly what I am trying to do. He is using nero…basically just opening the ISO and clicking the burn button. He probably has a different burner and media however he is using DVD-R I know that for a fact.

I would think its gotta be something in settings since they play perfectly on 2 different computers I have tried. Either that or the players I have are just too ancient. The one I know is not gonna be easy to work with but the other one plays all kinds of stuff, I never imagined there would be problems with that one…

If the iso was bad why would the discs work fine in the computers I have tried them in?

what are your standalone players? i know of one instance of a user here who had a standalone that claimed +R media compatibility in its specs, BUT wouldn’t play -R discs. great feature :rolleyes:

@pugs: Because computers use software players, which are more tolerant and accept bad discs either. I’ve made this experience with Verbatim 03RG20 discs, which are highly reliable, and PT Pro XL: The software is not able to burn dvd-video discs correctly. They played fine on my computer, but not so in my Pioneer 520 dvd recorder.

That is why I thought there could be something wrong with the iso. I’m just checking if everything is taken into consideration. :slight_smile:

If the iso was bad why would the discs work fine in the computers I have tried them in?

Because a software player accesses the files in a different manner than a stand alone. I have a few disks that will only play on a PC propperly. The burn is fine, but due to ifo-layout errors, the stand alone can’t access the main menu. The soft player gets the files without a sweat. Actually, it will even play the files if they were not in a VIDEO_TS, which few stand alones will.

We are talking about a DVD5?

Well I tried a different one today. It was not an ISO…just a DVD directory structure. I slected DVD-VIDEO in nero and added the files to the VIDEO_TS directory and all worked good. It worked in the one set top player, havent tried the other. Only problem is I think I burned it at 16x. I tried a later chapter and it started skipping and such.

The players are an old JVC 555 and a Toshiba SD2800. According to vcdhelp.com people have gotten both to play DVD-R and DVD+R. The Toshiba plays all kinds of stuff. I forget what formats I have burned to it in the past but its a nice little player. The JVC on the other hand is a PITA…But this one that I just did worked in the JVC so I am sure the Toshiba will play it fine. I just need to go back and try it at a slower speed.

Now I have another question though. I tried extracting that ISO and burning it as I did this other one…still didnt work…so maybe the ISO does have issues or something. Anyway, I selected 2x when I went to burn in Nero…but as it was burning it said it was doing 4x…WTF???

The lowest speed of a 716 is 4x :-), regardless of what the software is telling you.

There IS support for 1x -R, 2x -R(W) and 2.4x +R(W), if someone still has the nerve to use such media.