Burning DVD .iso to Blu Ray



Hi Guys, i hope this is the correct forum for this question, (if not i am sorry), so here goes, -
Like a lot of other people i have most of my dvd collection backed up, however when using dvd discs obviously over time things begin to mount up, i was wondering if its possible to burn my movie files (mostly .iso`s) to a Blu Ray Disc and as a result save on dvds and space, for one example i have all 6 star wars discs backed up to dvd-r ( 6 discs ), if i could put them on a Blu Ray disc all 6 would fit on 1 disc.
Is what i am thinking about possible and still playable on a stand alone BR player, and what software would i need.

Many thanks in advance for any and all help, :slight_smile:

ghostsurfer :bow:


Hi ghostsurfer,

I’ve moved this thread for you into the more general Movie Copy Software forum as this query doesn’t relate specifically to DVDFab.

You can certainly back up the ISOs to a Blu-ray disc and access them with your PC.

Your stand alone player is a different matter though and it will only play them if it’s capable of recognising and interpreting ISO images.

Off the top of my head I’m not aware of any players that support this, but it’s far from impossible, so I’d suggest checking your manual for a list of the supported file formats if you want to be sure.



Hi Wombler, many thanks for your reply, and for placing my post in the correct forum, i will try what you suggest but i am fairly new to this and if anyone else has any info to help me i would be very appreciative indeed.
again thanks Wombler, :slight_smile:

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My pleasure. :slight_smile:

What model is your Blu-ray player?



Hi Wombler, sorry for the late reply, the player and model number is,

 -  LG BD 360

many thanks,

ghostsurfer :cool:


Okay, I had a look through the manual for that model for you (which by the way is shared with the BD370) and there doesn’t seem to be any mention of ISO playback so it looks as if your machine doesn’t support this.



Maybe not what your asking but to make it work you’d probably need a media player that can network or has external or internal hard drives to play the ISO files. The Western Digital live series can do it and so can many others available.
Not sure if any stand alone Blu Ray player can recognize a ISO file but like Wombler said anything is possible. Do some googleing and see if any turn up I guess.