Burning DVD from iso or bin/cue question

My son sent me some footage he made of his travels in Egypt in bin/cue format. I used ConvertXtoDVD to convert it to iso format as my Nero Essentials that came with my recently purchased LiteOn DVD burner doesn’t have functionality to convert those files to DVD. It also doesn’t have the functionality to burn DVD’s from .iso files either. When I tried to use ConvertXtoDVD to burn the DVD from the .iso, it created a DVD that my Emerson DVD player wouldn’t play. Is there some other software I can use to get this thing burned to DVD so we can watch this on our boob tube? Any help appreciated.


Thanks for the link nosmartz. I d/l’d imgburn, and burned the DVD. It is great software, but it still won’t read in my DVD player. I can play the saved image file with VLCplayer, so I know that the file does have content. Is it my DVD player? It is a combo DVD/VCR. I am not sure of any limitations it may have as far as media types. I know that the DVD I burned it not recognized by Windows Media Player either. I burned from the iso image; should I burn from the bin file?

you can but it will be the same result…what kind of media are you using and what speed are u burning at?

what file format is in the bin/iso file?, can your dvd player play avi files?

Typically bin/cue files are CD images so if it’s less than 800mb then I’d burn it to a CD.

Did your son tell you it was a DVD or a VCD/SVCD - the latter is what bin images typically are.