Burning DVD from .IMG file


My cousin, who is into videography, (if that’s a word…he likes to make videos of things) recently made a DVD of our family reunion, complete with menus and everything. He ripped it for me onto my computer (not sure what he used), but it is now a file that is “FamilyReunion03.IMG”. I tried burning it with Alcohol 120%, but it doesn’t play correctly…it seems to loop the first bit of the DVD, or jump randomly within the first bit of data. When I go to any chapter to play, it will jump to other menus or go back to the beginning. Does this have to do with the “block size” or “already scrambled” settings in Alcohol 120% when I burn?

Also I tried mounting it on a virtual drive and playing it from there, and that WORKS!!!..now I just need to burn it somehow.

Any help is appreciated!

Well I would try DiscJuggler/DVDDecrypter, if that fails there is probably an authoring problem, as I’ve seen many DVDs that work in software players and fail in hardware with authoring issues (along my path to learning DVD Authoring :wink: ).