Burning DVD From HDD Files?

I’m sure this question has been asked before, but bear with me. Can I use a program like Nero Express to burn a DVD using files on my HDD? The files are actually two (2) directories, one is called “Audio_TS” and the second is “Video_TS”.

I’m trying to make a backup copy of a DVD that came with a wooden train set we bought my grandson so he can have it at home and when he’s here (granny day care).

The answer is yes of course you can. Just select the recorder as the DVD version , not CD, and DVD Video Files. Then add the video_ts folder.

This assumes that the video will fit on a 4.7gb disc , otherwise compress it to fit with DVD Shrink first.

Tim… So in the upper right hand corner I select the "D:_NEC DVD_RW ND_3500AG (DVD) riught? And then I select “DVD-Video Files” or “Disk Image”? Selecting the 1st doesn’t seem to work because it ignored the files. Disk Image? When I select that… I can’t select a folder, and if I open the folder using “all files” then I get like 30 different files and they are *.BUP, *.IFO and many have no extensions.

Now I’m begining to feel like a senior :frowning:

Can’t understand why Nero would not recognise the files.

What you should have would be something like:-

vts_01_2.vob etc.

If I select the “Disc Image or Saved Project” I can see all those kinds of files as long as I choose the “All Files (.)” option in types of files. What I can’t do is add any of those afiles as I get a popup telling me its an unexpected type of file. I also can’t add a whole folder or that group. Can’t seem to add anything. Nothing shows up when I use the “add” feature.

Is there another program other than Nero that I can use? Can I use DVD Shrink to extract the files and if so… how?

Nero is apparently not recommended for burning DVD files due to the 32k gap problem(too lazy to find link right now). Unfortunately, apps that are recommended (i.e. pgcedit) are rather technical, but excellent step-by-step guides exist. If I find time maybe I will track down the links…in meantime search these forums for more info, it’s all there :wink:


Do you have just Nero, you can try this.

Here is a link to a guide on how to burn in DvD-video mode in Nero. Click on the next arrow to proceed through the guide and watch the actions taken on the screen.


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Don’t know where you heard that from cappy. I’ve done hundreds of DVD’s with Nero.
Just choose DVD-Video files, browse to the VIDEO_TS folder that contains the files you want and add them. Then burn.
Nero automatically puts them in a VIDEO_TS folder and creates an empty AUDIO_TS folder as well.

I’ve burned 100s of DVDs with Nero with no problem.

Same here. Nero has never failed for me before

Here is a blurb about how to burn VIDEO_TS folders with IMGBURN, which is a free program from the guy who created DVD Decrypter:


It should help, I think.

Here is a guide on using pgcedit to burn files from Harddrive and at the bottom of the guide it explains the issue with the 32k gaps and why nero and dvdshrink and others may create issues.