Burning DVD files on a blank CD

I have a very small (17 Mb) video file (xxx.wmv) that I would like to put on a disk so I can mail it to a friend and he can play it on a DVD player and view it on a TV screen.

I have the software I need to ‘create’ a set of DVD files from a xxx.wmv video file.

But, I don’t want to use a blank DVD (4.7 Gb) if it’s possible to put that file on a blank CD (700 Mb). The two burn programs I have ‘look’ for a blank DVD and will not accept a blank CD.

  1. Can this be done? I suspect it is an incompatibility of format problem.

  2. If so, where can I get a burn program that will put DVD files (xxx.vob, xxx.bup, xxx.ifo) on a blank CD that can then be played on a ordinary DVD player?

You could create a VCD (Video CD) or SVCD (Super Video CD) using a program that supports that format, but in my opinion that is an enormous waste of time just to save the minimal cost difference between a blank CD and a blank DVD.

Normal DVD players cannot play DVD format files on CD media.

Older editions of Nero (eg 6.x) will allow DVD-Video format files to be burned on a CD (called a ‘mini-DVD’ in the template selection).

My older Philips DVD recorder and a Yamada DVD player handled them quite nicely.

My thanks (to both of you) for your replies to my post.

DrageMester is probably correct - “…my opinion that is an enormous waste of time…”

And since I only have Nero 7, imkidd57’s suggestion is probably not an option.

I had to ask. :slight_smile: