Burning dvd-dl with pioneer 108

hello, ive just purchased a new pioneer 108 dvd writter,and i was wondering
when you burn a dual layer(dvd-dl 8.5 gb )can you use your existing software(stomp recordnow 4.5),or do you have to up date this software so that it reconises
the size of the dvd??? if this software does not work what is the best software to use for dual layer dvd burner??? can anybody help…
thanks guy!!!

You didnt receive any software when you bought the burner? I thought all drives were shipped with some sort of software to get you burning DL straight away. Well i have the Sony DRU-700A and i got nero with it and that works fine. Not sure what else is available. Maybe you can see if the nero site has a demo of it to try out.

Well it all depends on the program, for instance DVD Shrink couldnt burn dual layer dvds but after an update now it can. Go check the website for you product and look for an update log, featuring all the new features and fixes. Just look for anything such as dual layer support.

The DVR-108 is the OEM version of DVR-A08. Which means no software, no cable, no discs etc. To burn a DL DVD you need to acquire a recent copy of Nero, Easy CD Creator or something else. I know you can get an OEM version of Nero 6 Express on Pricegrabber for like $6. You can upgrade to the latest version on Ahead’s website. It should be good for most burning tasks, including DL.

nice one thanks alot!!!