Burning DVD DL to another DVD+R DL (dual layer)

Hey all, I’m a complete newbie. I tried to burn a DVD I OWN, “Once Upon a Time in America” with almost everything. I tried AnyDVD, Nero 7, CloneDVD, DVD Decrypter (DVD->ISO->DVD DL), DVD Shrink (No compression, DVD-9), and NONE of them worked PERFECTLY.

The burned DVDs would always play almost half way through the standalone DVD players, and just JAM or LOCK. But it plays fine on my computer and on my APEX player. I suspect it’s something to do with the layer break, but have no idea how to modify layer breaks or anything. Not even really sure what the damn layer breaks are.

Heard about how u can use PGCEdit or IFOEdit, but I have no idea how those damn things work. I burned about 7 failed DVD+R DL already, so I really really really need someone’s expertise. HELP ME!!!

this is a cross post, and you don’t own that dvd. you’ve posted this twice saying that it was a netflix rental and you got mad that your thread was closed so you changed it to this. We’re not that stupid.

Have you read the forum rules yet? because all four of your posts are in violation of them. Pirates don’t get help here.

Well, help finding the door that is. :wink:

well, i tried to delete the post, but couldn’t. So i figured I’d just repost it. I’d be delighted if you show me how.

And u know as well as me that half these guys here are pirating dvds, except for me. I own them.

The difference is that most of the other half bothered to read the forum rules and don’t make posts in violation of them.

Unless you own Netflix, I think you’re going to find it hard to convince these guys this is true after having read your other thread.

I’ll leave this thread open, but I ask that anyone else who replies only post about the actual topic.

To burn from a dual-layer disc to a blank dual-layer disc, you need to:

  1. Read with DVD Decrypter Mode->ISO Read.

  2. Write with DVD Decrypter Mode->ISO Write.

That’s pretty much it. You will of course need AnyDVD running behind DVD Decrypter for any newer discs.

Oh, and I’m guessing that’s not how you ripped your… NETFLIX RENTAL… and now you’re just pretty much SOL.

And a last thought - only Verbatim dual-layer media will work in most players. And by “most” I mean about half. Dual-layer is really a crapshoot.

Verbatim DVD+R DL maybe, but Verbatim DVD-R DL is accepted by a lot more than just half of all drives, I reckon.

You could very well be right. I haven’t tried the -R/DL, I have a half-dozen +R/DL discs still and I only use them for very special movies that I just can’t bear to compress. I have little desire to even try the -R until such time as the standard is better supported… which won’t happen. :wink:

Generally overall, DL+R is better due to bitsetting to DVD ROM.

Yeah, I know what you mean. From where I live, I have to order them online. But the price isn’t too much higher and I have yet to encounter a drive or player here that does not accept them.