Burning dvd copies of copies

i have been using dvd shrink 3.1.6 and the latest nero, verison 5 to do all of my dvd burning. everything has been going well, but i recently wanted to copy a copy of one of the dics i made because i wanted them all on the same media. i have heard that shrink has some trouble doing this, but i was wondering if there could be any other causes?

Your DVD video is a data disc :slight_smile: You can copy it the same way you copy any disc…Just copy the video_ts folder and it should be identical bit for bit…I use NERO and have no problems.

generational loss is not really too much of a concern since dvd has plenty of error correction so not much to worry about. i normally either rip them to the hard drive or uncheck the direct copy option in nero as there may be a problem with providing the files fast enough when copying directly

shrink has no problems with this as far as I’m concerned. to speed up things, make sure that u check ‘no compression’, so that it doesn’t waste time trying to transcode at 100% quality. alternatively, u can do what I do and just use dvd decryptor. Like how they are copies, they’ve already been transcoded and fit on dvd5s. No generational loss occurs because ur doing a 1:1 copy.

The Newer versions of DVDShrink are “smart” enough to realize that deep analysis is not necessary for DVD±R discs.
The option is automatically greyed out when ripping.
I’ve ripped DVD±Rs many times using DVDShrink without any issues. :wink:

I hadn’t actually tested it, but I know when redoing a disc with dvdshrink, instead of saying no compression, it says quality = 100%. It ‘shouldnt’ make a difference, but I like decryptor anyhow, especially all the info it presents to u while its working so I can know exactly what’s happening.

thanks for all the suggestions. i will check it all out again. never thought to think of the disc as a data disc. sounds good.

Nero DVD copy on the fly works fine if you have a reader that’s fast enough.