Burning Dual Layer



What Media / Software / Drives have people had the best luck burning dual layer media with? How well do they handle the layer break hassle?

For software I have tried Gear (with which the second layer will only read on the drive used to write the layer), VSO which did create a readable image but did not allow additioin of files other than VIDEO_TS to the disk.

For hardware I have tried a Phillips SD-8820 which has created only coasters, a Memorex drive with a 50/50 success rate, and Toshiba TS-L632D which has only produced media readable by itself.

For Media I have tried Verbatum DVD+R DL 8x and Memorex DVD+R DL 8x with similar luck with either media.



Use ImgBurn as your software and don’t even think about using anything other than Verbatim +R DL media.



I second philamber’s words here use Imgburn and only verbatim disc for best results.
If you really need another program you can look at DVDFab products which I use ,but lately only burn wth Imgburn.

Happy Burning