Burning DUAL Layer W/1 Click Problems

Im using one click dvd 4.2, with VSO’s copy to dvd along with anydvd 5.4. I have a plextor PX716A, with latest firmwire. NEways ive been tring to burn dual layer dvds most reciently tried to burn crash, i get though most of the movie and i beleive when it hits the second layer it starts to skip and jitter, im using verbatim dvds, I dunno wut else to do i tired nero and other burning and i dont want to waste anymore expensive dual layer discs. If anyone has any advice or having the same problems let me know thanks!

I’ve just been through that mess with an HP 740i. 1.) do not use verbatim disks, do not use disks made by ritek. 2.) there are updates from nero that solve nearly all problems., 3.) make sure that you have all the firmware updates. Good Luck!