Burning dual layer for first time-request assistance



[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DW-Q58A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda][qanda]This thread is about the Sony DW-Q58A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hmmm…guess I didn’t know what I was getting into! Been reading for the last 2 hours & have more questions than answers. This seems to be a good place to get some of those answers, so here goes.

I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 with Win. XP home OS which has a Sony DW-Q58A burner. I bought some FujiFilm DVD+R DL discs. I plan to use Roxio Creator LE Dell Edition software to store files (mostly archiving .flac audio files) & DVDFabHDDecrypter for DVD backup.

1st question:

because the FF DVD+R DL disc package “warns” about proper firmware, I checked the Dell & Sony sites for the latest version, but using Win. XP devicemanager shows only a partial match with what’s on the sites. (DM shows UDS2 under “device instance ID” & nothing under “firmware revision” - Dell site shows UDS2, A01 - the Sony site only seems to have DW-Q58A-VN Firmware & I’m not sure if the “VN” applies to the drive I have & the FW revision shows UFS4-2)

Can someone guide me to the best place online to confirm whether or not I have the latest firmware for the DW-Q58A burner?

2nd question:

I’ve read about the quality of media & realize FujiFilm may not have been the best choice & may result in a written disc being unusable (aka, wasted/money down the drain ).

Would a ‘well-seasoned’ DVD DL burner person please recommend the most reliable [preferably free] software &/or method for writing DVD DLs?

Thanks in advance, for the gift of assistance anyone is willing & able to provide!

Many happy Earth rotations, everyone!!!


Click on the links below. After using DvdFab to do a full rip to your hard drive, you can use the following.




For information on your PC, simply go to the Dell website. Under support, you should be able to enter your PC information and pull a list of all updates available for your PC.

For DL media, there is only one choice…Verbatim. Other brands seem to be hit or miss for most users. Verbatim discs are the most reliable and provide the most consistent results. For burning, use IMGBurn.