Burning Dual Layer dvds?

hello i just made a dvd9 image of a dvd but how do i burn it? whats the best program? thanks for any help! :slight_smile:


Imgburn :iagree:

Make sure that you are using Verbatim DvD+R DL and booktype it to DvD_Rom.

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What program did you use to make the image? But I had good luck with Slysoft CLoneCD … but remember you have to use dvd+9 DL media to burn to…I used memorex DL media with good results so far…forgot too also burn at 2x-2.4x speed as that is the media rated speed any faster could make coaster but the drive should adjust to the media speed.

Imageburn? Ok i dl’d and installed the program. I’ll i have to do load the image and burn it? No special setup? Also Im usin Memorex DVD+R DL Media. Memorex is my favorite! :slight_smile: thanks for everyones help! Cheers :smiley:

You might have to set a layer break if your rip does not already have one.

Imgburn will set the layer break for ya.

Yes, load the image and burn it. Just be aware of the pitfalls of the media you are using. :slight_smile:

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What format is the file you want to burn, ISO or?

ok i get this should i continue anyways

This message means there is no cell suitable for the layer break! Don’t burn the DVD, or you will produce a coaster!

What program did you use to make the image?
Is it in the form of a Iso?

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The way I’ve made dual layer dvd backups is to use DVDDecrypter in ISO Read mode to get the ISO file. DVDDecrypter will output an ISO and a small md5 file. Load the md5 file into ImgBurn to burn everything to disk. The md5 will contain the necessary information to set the layer break.

If DVDDecrypter cannot decrypt the dvd by itself (caused by newer protection schemes) I use it along with AnyDVD. AnyDVD breaks the encryption, then you make the ISO. Unfortunately AnyDVD isn’t free. You can download the trial and use it for a few weeks though.

I know DVDFab HD Decrypter can decrypt to an ISO, but I’ve never used it for a dual layer backup. Will it provide necessary information on layer breaks? Or produce an image that ImgBurn can handle correctly? If so, this may be a free option for the OP.

Kerry56 you are correct on the latter, that was my thinking also. Use DvDFaB HD Decrypter to create your image and then use Imgburn to burn. Both free apps. :slight_smile:

Right now I use DvDFab Platinum and clone a image and then use Imgburn to burn.

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Looks like a bad image…
Create a new one, using the tools suggested before, and burn with Imgburn!

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ImgBurn will burn both ISO & VIDEO_TS files, that is why I asked what the format was because for ISO you choose the MDS file & use write mode & for VIDEO_TS you use build mode. I guess basically we need to know how you created this file.