Burning Dual Layer at 8x - PC won't read

Hi all,

I usually use Verbatim 8x dual layer discs to backup my files, but Best Buy was out of them so I went with TDK. I burned several discs and Nero reported “Burn completed successfully at 8x” at the end of each one.

However, when I try to access the files on them, Windows hangs. It recognizes the disc, and I can click on it and view all the files, but when I try to open a file or right click on it to copy it I get the “waiting” icon (the circle on Vista).

The icon never goes away and the drive read light keeps blinking. I have to eject the disc to get control of my PC again. This happens on 3 different drives on my PC and also my MacBook.

I tried a CD/DVD data recovery program called ISO Buster to access the files, but I get tons of read errors and it also hangs up.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a program or a way that would let me access the files on the discs so I can copy them back to my hard drive. If Nero reported the burns as successful, you would think I could get at them somehow. If it helps, I’m using Nero Burning ROM version and I burned the discs on a Sony external dual layer burner.

I deleted all the original files from my hard drive, so any help would be appreciated.

Howdy. :slight_smile:
You might have to get access to an LG DVD burner to recover the data. Usually, they read through poor burns. If you use an LG drive, but you still can’t get your data, then you may be out of luck.

Repeated retries at lower or higher speeds may help, but it’s not a given.

Also, Verbatim is about the only DL worth trusting. Don’t settle for less. :wink:

You can try DVDFab at www.dvdfab.com