Burning dual audio tracks from DivX Avi

Hello, I have the SysDRUMatic Chaos DVD ripped to my computer in a DivX Avi format, and I want to burn a DVD copy for a drummer friend of mine. The problem is that this DVD has two audio tracks; one for the full band audio, and the isolated drums.

I have googled on end for a few days and searched these forums and others to find out how to burn this to a DVD and keep both audio tracks intact and able to switch between them during playback. I tried the AVI2DVD program, which looked like it would do the trick keeping it intact, but it crashes whenever I start the jobs.

On a side note, I ripped these into two 700mb (appx) files unknowingly, so any other programs you could suggest that would combine the files while keeping the two audio tracks intact would be great, but not imperative. Please let me know if you need more information, or if I’ve missed a thread somewhere.

Thanks! :bow:

You can join the two avi files with a program called Virtualdub. Here is a guide for joining them: http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/virtualdub_join_avi.cfm Vdub has recently gotten support for mp3 vbr audio, but I’m hoping that isn’t what is in your video. It causes problems.

After joining, make sure that the resulting avi file plays correctly, with no audio/video sync problems.

Next tool to use is DVDFlick. Free to download and use.

DVDFlick can support extra audio streams when you convert the avi to dvd. Add the combined avi into DVDFlick. Hit Edit Title to see if both audio streams show up. If they aren’t both there, you might have to extract one and add it in DVDFlick.

Does one of the audio streams play by default? If so, extract the other one with Vdub.
This will give you a large .wav file without adversely affecting the combined avi file. Don’t remember if DVDFlick will accept .wav files or not, but it is easy to convert to ac3 using ffmpeggui if you need to.

Edit: found the right guide for saving the audio as .wav: http://www.videohelp.com/oldguides/virtualdubaudio

Sorry for my tardiness in replying, but I did get it to work properly! It was before I read your response Kerry56, but I did try Virtualdub to try and merge, but without the audio tracks working.

I didn’t know that Convert X to DVD had a burning engine, but that program alone did the trick, and just split the two Avis into chapters. Only complaint I have is that it took 1:10 off the end of the movie, but beggers can’t be choosers :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your help!