Burning dts-audio

been d/ling some dts-audio cds and trying to burn them with Nero but out of the 5, only one worked and rest were not readable. I’ve seen posts elsewhere that you burn the tracks like an audio cd but its not working and the only one that worked was 1 big wav file and a .cue file and it worked.

Please Help :sad:

Have you try using clonecd. It worked with my discs.

I don’t have the orginal discs.

Wo wo wo, let me guess. u downloaded the songs and wanta burn it on an cdr with someprotection or something like that?

hell yea

go to www.cdmediaworld.com and search for protection. the protection there are ok but some will mkae ur audio cd not playable on computer.

has anyone d/led a dts-audio cd and tried to burn it?