Burning dropouts

Hi there

I’m new here.
I bought the Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173a and installed it correctly on my PC. I tried to burn an audio-cd with Nero but it doesn’t work properly. There are several dropouts. So the music is bad. The audio-files are OK on my HD. I tried top burn the files on my laptop, which has also Nero, and there it works fine.
My old burner (Philips) always worked fine on my PC but just has to be replace. What can the problem be?
Although i bought the Optiarc just last week, i tried to renew the firmware, but XP messaged me that i already had installed the latest version.

Help is welcome



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Often audio CD playback problems are due to a too fast burning. Try to burn CDs at a speed between 8x and 16x. Usually this solve :slight_smile:

or you can use burrrn :slight_smile:

okay thanks a lot. i will try to burn a bit slower.
Vroom, i don’t understand your reply. What do you mean by ‘burrrn’?


simple http://www.burrrn.net/

Burrrn is a free Audio CD burner that will often work where Nero fails. It also takes in more music formats than Nero.

Nope. i tried to burn slower (16x), but the ‘hips’ in the music are still there.
By the way: what will happen when i try to burn dvd’s.
Vroom, i will take a look at that website.
Suggestions are still welcome :^(

As TimC said [B]“Burrrn is a free Audio CD burner that will often work where Nero fails.”[/B]

Okay, i will try burrrn. Will post soon if it succeeded.
But what to do when i try to burn dvd’s? I’m afraid the dropouts will appear too.

Burning DVDs is quite different to burning Audio CDs so no reason to link the 2 together.

Okay, TimC, so these dropouts will maybe not “hurt” the video?

Until you try you’ll never know, but the music CDs are totally different to DVDs so I don’t automatically assume there’ll be a problem.

Thanks everybody. Burrrn did the job quite well.
Still wondering why Nero doesn’t. There must be something wrong?


That’s good news :).