Burning dreamcast img with clone cd

ok im trying to burn a dreamcast game (i own a legal copy) and i have a ccd, sub and img file.

so i open up clone cd and go on write from img file, then select burner blabla…so i get to the screen where you have to select the type of cd, like data cd or game cd or whatever. what do i have to chose there?

ive already tried game and data, but the dreamcast doesnt recognize both of the cds :frowning:

what could be wrong? any experiences maybe?

thanks in advance

just burn the image? since you need the subs, try multimedia audio.

correct me if I am wrong, but don’t you have to get a mod chip for the dreamcast?

nope, no modchip is needed, but the game might be unbootable depending on the way the backup was made.