Burning Dreamcast Games

Hello, I need to know how to burn DC games in DiscJuggler, everytime I do it, the game wont work, not even with the boot disc. I have even tried converting the file to nero and then burning it and it still wouldnt work. Can someone please help me
aitf311@aol.com :o

are you using an original copy of a dc game?? well sorry to burst your bubble…it wont copy without sum special m4d toolz.

Where do you get those sort of tools from then?

you mean dc copying tools…? first you need to buy an external burner and modifiy it to burn dc games… it’s a LONG and tiring process, i dont recommend it, there are special “rips” of dc games you can get off the net that will burn correctly to a cd, though.

PopEye, what do you know about DC burning??? It seems like you know very little!

Hey, I know alot about Dreamcast burning and I’m only fourteen, it can’t be to hard, now can it? Wrong. I sat up for hours studying and learning from trial and error. Enough talk though, lets get to work:

First, you will need an “Echelon Self-Boot Kit”.

It will come with some programs:

  1. Mkisofs
  2. Ipins

You will need to create a 4-second or longer audio file.

Now burn it as the first track. Now burn the rest of the files in CD-ROM XA Mode2 format.

You will need to get a “PC Coders Cable” if you want to backup your own games. Buy it from www.lik-sang.com for $35. Once you do this, contact me once more for many more steps.

Now if you downloaded a game rip from the net, don’t worry about the above. You will have to burn the image file in CD-ROM XA Mode2 format.

Don’t give up, buddy! It may be hard at first, but when you get it right, it will be a breeze from then on!

For more info, check out:


Oh yeah, no modified burners required.