Burning Double Sided DVD-RAM 9.4



Hi Guys I Have some double Sided DVDRAMs (melody 2x)
and a Driver: Hp 1040 support DVDRAM (nero & cover says)
but nero just let me to write 4.4 on it why?
I have Nero ,NTI, Clone, Alcohol,…
I want to bun Titanic HD rip 8.7GB
& grey’s anathomy Seasons rip each seson aboput 9GB
what should I do?
plz full instruction.


Hi and Welcome,

these discs are [B]Double Sided[/B], which means there are two data sides containing approx. 4400 MBytes each.
Burn the first 4400 MBytes, eject the disc, flip, reinsert and burn the 2nd 4400 MBytes.



could you plz tell me with which app?(it’s a dvdram)