Burning Doesnt want to finish

So I am using a plextor- px-708a. Judging on previous threads, this drive is a nasty little bugger. First, it chooses not to cooperate with programs. I was using dvd x copy but I turned over to a step by step process utilizing dvd shrink, and roxios. Well now that roxio is so friendly, my plextor drive decides to eat my dvd… well now I have a MEMOREX DVD-R stuck in the drive, not to mention Windows has excommunicated it, as well as stopping at 88% with 3 minutes to go keeping me on the edge of my seat. I go to check out the drive before it has finished burning and all of a sudden my desktop crashes and all goes dark. I reboot to find my drive missing and now I cant even use it to play DVDs. This is kinda weird… my dad suggested i tried to burn too much (he doesnt know much), overloading what space the DVD had, but this happened in a similar way with dvd x copy, where it would fail in the finalizing stage. It now fails at roxios @ 88%. Whats up with this? Is my plextor doomed to not work? If you want a log to help me out I can go find it somewhere but when i looked thru other posts; all a log did was discourage me from actual reading.