Burning DL with imgburn

Nope, check the drive specs. :wink:

how do i do that?

and now while playing a non burned game, my xbox turned off and 3 flashing red lights came on. i tried to turn it on again to see if my xbox is broken, it worked. what does all this mean, what should i do?

[QUOTE=CUTTER08;2028961]how do i do that?[/QUOTE]

I meant blutach.
AFAIK, this burner can only burn DVD+R DL at max 2.4x.

so what should i do… i dont know if you noticed but i am new at this hahaha:p

Maybe its an controller problem.

How is the drive connected?

I 09:50:20 Optimal L0 Data Zone Capacity: 1,913,760
I 09:50:20 Optimal L0 Data Zone Method: Copied From Original Disc
I 09:50:20 Filling Buffer… (20 MB)
I 09:50:21 Writing LeadIn…
I 09:50:37 Writing Image…
I 09:50:37 Writing Layer 0… (LBA: 0 - 1913759)
W 10:11:07 Failed to Write Sectors 1785056 - 1785087 - Write Error
Hmmm… getting towards out edge of disc, approaching layer break.

What is happening to the buffers (drive and ImgBurn) at this point? Are they stable above 80%?

the buffers? all i know is it keeps using up my disc. this worked before why would stop now again? can anyone paste what their settings say? so i know if anything is wrong with that. i have the new version

so anyone want to tell me what to do or show their settings so i can see if mine are correct?

I use default settings pretty much. But i don’t burn xbox games.

‘Write Errors’ are hardware related (or a dodgy filter driver), there’s no magic fix within ImgBurn for that I’m afraid. It should just work without you having to do anything special - it would be a bit rubbish if it didn’t.

Get yourself another £20 drive and see if it does the same thing. If it does then it’s probably your machine in general. Try connecting the drive to a different controller (buy a silicon image one if in doubt) and think about reinstalling your OS from scratch to wipe out any nasty stuff.

i dont understand this is a brand new laptop how can it be my hardware? what is the cheapest way to go to fix all of this

Buy an external drive.

and all i do is have img burn on there and retry it?

i dont get why i have to do that?

Lappy drives are usually crappy burners.

Hey Boss.

i dont understand how you burn using an external drive

You insert a disc in it. :slight_smile:

is there anything else i could do to this computer so i dont have to spend money?

The rouble with laptop drives, as has been said before, is that they are usually very cheap, low quality affairs.

If you get an external drive, it just plugs in via a USB2 port (or otherwise). This can often help.