Burning DL dvds with existing internal drive or external burner?



I have a Dell Latitude E6500 (with Vista Pro). The internal dvd drive is marked as: HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GU10N A102. It can burn DL dvds at 2,7x.
I want to burn DL dvds with a good quality (I don’t really care about speed), in particular to ensure that the dvd is playable for many years.
Should I use the internal drive of my Dell? Or is it a bad idea?
If it is a bad idea, then I would buy an external dvd burner. Which external burners would you recommend, then?
(I don’t want to buy an external drive if it’s only to get more speed, or if the gain in quality is only marginal.)


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I personally would get an external burner. Although, if you use quality media (for DL this would mean Verbatim discs, Made in Singapore preferably), and buy the 2.4x +R DLs, you could probably get by with your existing LG drive.

You would probably get quite a gain in quality with an external burner, as firmware support is often better than with internal laptop drives (the firmware for laptop drives often comes from the laptop manufacturer, rather than the drive manufacturer, and updates to support newer media can be few and far between IME).

Brand/manufacturer preference will vary, as everyone has a favourite, but personally I have one Samsung, and one LG external, and love them both. The LG in particular has been a quality burner for the last 4 years, and it’s still going strong. :slight_smile:


So I’ll be looking for a good external drive: brand & specific models = ??
Another possibility might be to replace my internal drive with say, one by Sony Optiarc. Would that be useful, or not?


My LG E10N (which I’ve been using for 4 years without a hitch) is an older model, and aside from using an internal LG drive in an enclosure, is the only external LG I’ve used - however, I did find the GE20NU11 model online, which is a 20x USB drive.

The other LGs I’ve seen in the shops myself have all been slimline 8x ones - such as the GP08NU2.

The external Samsung I have is fairly recent, the SE-S084C - but once again, this is an 8x slimline drive. The SE-S084C also gets its power from the host system, so this could be a problem for some (although it works great on my two desktop PCs). Unfortunately it’s the most recent external Samsung that I know of. And mine at least is a bit ropey with -R DL. :wink:

Another option for you could be to buy an external drive enclosure, and put the internal drive of your choice inside. And you mention fitting an Optiarc - it’s certainly an extra option. :iagree:

Perhaps others will chime in with more opinions and recommendations. :slight_smile:


The LG GE20NU11 seems a nice option at 47 euros in France.
What about the Plextor PX-830UF, at 89 euros? A comparative gain, or just a waste of money?
(By the way, I will mostly burn DL dvds. But I will also burn dvd-r when 4.3GB is enough.)


I think I’d personally choose the LG over the Plextor - the reason for my choice is, the Plextor is a rebadge of another drive, but they cost more because of the Plextor brand (and past reputation from when they actually did make their own drives). At least LG do make their own drives. :slight_smile:

As long as you use quality media, I think the LG would serve you just as well, for half the price. :wink:


As far as speed is concerned, do I let the burner do as it wishes (maximum speed), or do I, say, divide the max speed by 2 or something? I’ll be burning DL Verbatims (I hope coming from a good country!).


For Verbatims (the only DL I use, too) I usually burn at the rated speed (8x for the discs I have), however if your Verbatim DLs aren’t Made in Singapore, then you can reduce the speed slightly if you choose - maybe to 6x or something like that. :slight_smile: