Burning DL DVD with Nero



Which edition of Nero6 supports burning DL (Dual Layer) DVD? Is there any special setting for doing so? I cannot find anything about DL DVD burning in the help file of Nero Burning Rom

Please help, thank you!!



Nero really isn’t suited for burning to DL media. What is it that your trying to burn?

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Copying a non-protected DVD9 video disk. Any other suggestion? Thank you!



If it’s not protected. Use DvD Decrypter to rip the image (ISO READ MODE). Save the output as an Iso. You will then have two files an Iso and a mds file. You can then use DvD Decryter (ISO WRITE MODE) to burn it to disk. Burn via the mds file.

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Thank you! I will try it later.



nero7 works grate dl


In nero7 Is the procedure (setup) of burning a DVD+R DL the same as for DVD+R?



You can use Nero to burn DL, but you ask most people in this forum and they will not recommend using Nero.

Other points to keep in mind.

1] Use Verbatim DL media only.

2] If you can booktype (bitset) change DvD+R DL to DvD-Rom.

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I will be more comftable to burn DL disc with DVD Decrypter.


so correct