Burning DL disks on LG 4163b



Can my drive not burn to a Dl -r disk? I have a Panasonic Player in the lounge and after trying a +r dl disk, the Panny wouldnt play it, got some -r dl disks and now it seems the writer wont support these - is that right?



No it can’t write -DL.But DL+ compatibility is excellent as fas as I am concerned.
Did you bittset them or not?Because if you didn’t, they won’t play.


how do you mean bitset? book type? did that but didnt play, but will on my yamada (altho it freezes on layer change)



What kind of DVD+R DL disk you used in your burner?

Traxdata and FUJI works fine for me.


It was a Traxdata, burned at 2x, used Dvddecrypter to read and write the disk, 2 came up with errors and the 3rd only plays if you skip chapters during the layer change (but not in my Panasonic)

Bought Verbatim -r dl disks without checking they were compatible first!



-R DL is compatable with only a few dvd players, I would stay away from them. :slight_smile:


+R DL compatibility is far more higher than for -R DL, yet.
In most cases, +R DL Booktype is automatically set to DVD-ROM.


My guess is the problem is probably with that Traxdata media you used. The most compatible DVD+DL media out there is Verbatim DVD+DL. All the other brands either :

  1. Cannot burn successfully and end up as coasters
  2. Burn successfully but have problems reading back on certain players

If you can, take the Verbatim DVD-DL discs you bought back to the store you got them from and try to change them for Verbatim DVD+DL discs. If those won’t work on your Panasonic player, nothing will.