Burning DivX to a DVD (Please help a Newbie!)



I’ve literally spent the last 4 hours scouring over the multiple guides and intructions this website offers, and even ones that were linked to, however, I just can’t seem to get a simple, straightforward answer.

I have about 10 DivX AVI files burned onto a DVD. They are files. I would like to burn them onto a DVD so that I can watch them on my TV, with drum roll my DVD player.

Could someone PLEASE be so kind as to direct me how to do this? I certainly don’t want a watermark on the outcome, so freeware would be great.
The simpler the better, I am just getting started with this, and am very confused as is.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate it. :bow:
All the best, your neighborhood newbie,


The program you want to use is vsodivxtodvd.
It will convert your files to the necessary VIDEO_TS folder to burn to a dvd. There is a freeware version that works just fine.


Thanks alot, I’m running it now.
Is there any way that I can put all 10 videos onto one DVD? Or as many as possible? Maybe even with a menu? Can I use Nero?


You can put more than one movie on a dvd. The best thing to do is name the movies according to the order you want them in. If they are in the same folder the program will automatically convert them to one dvd. The one thing about the free version that i don’t like is, you can’t skip from one movie to the next. You have to skip along the chapters (it creates them for you) and once you get to the end, fast forward until you get to the next movie (oh well beggars can’t be choosy :slight_smile: ) In the pay version, you’re supposed to be able to create a menu, though it hasn’t been added yet. Also, if the movie(s) run time is over 2 hrs, the movie might be too big to fit on 1 dvd. usually when this happens i just shrink it with Nero recode (or Dvd Shrink if you need something free) Once the program is finished converting you’ll get a VIDEO_TS folder. To burn with Nero, just pick ‘burn dvd files’ and it will create the AUDIO_TS folder for you, just make sure the AUDIO_TS folder is empty.


It’s burned and it’s worked quite well. A few things though:

  • That damn watermark really bugs me. If there is a similar (free) program that doesn’t use a watermark, I’d preffer it.

  • When large portions of white were shown (it’s a cartoon), i.e. a white shirt, it’s speckled with, or almost entirely black. Often eyeballs will have many black specks in them as well.

Other than that, very good. Thanks ever so much!


I’m sorry. Heres the link to the free version. vsoDivxtodvd-Free version I don’t know why you would get the specks, but i have heard converting animation is a little different. Try the free version and hopefully the problem will go away. Maybe the fact that its a demo is causing that.


Thanks, everything seems to be working! Really appreciate it.

One thing: When I want to burn, there is no AUDIO_TS Folder. Can I just create one, since it’s empty anyway?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry, misread the part where you stated that it’s done for you.
Going to burn now, I’ll post when I get a result.
Thanks again! :bow:


No problem, its all about sharing the knowledge. Hopefully the specks are gone in your movie, if not try this program Avi2Dvd it has 3 different encoders, is fairly easy to use; though i’ve encountered some bugs (it encoded all but the last few minutes of my movie). I believe you can get better quality, but the encoders are SLOW at the best quality, so if all else fails or you just want to try something new, here you go.