Burning discs = lock up

Hello. Every time I try to burn a DVD or CD in my LG 4163B (I think that’s the model, I’m at work, can’t recall exactly), my system locks up. Sometimes it doesn’t even start burning, just checking the disc… Sometimes my system won’t even boot up, and I see errors reading the IDE drives on the console (I’m running Linux, by the way). Before this happens, usually there is a sound like the burner is losing power and coming back on. I don’t know that the sound happens every time or not, but definitely it happens often. If I don’t use my burner, my system will run fine for days on end, so I don’t think it’s the hard drives.

I checked the power supply thread, and I have an Enermax 431W that I got a few years back (when they were pricey, over $100). Perhaps it is dying. Is there a way to really check?

The burner is new, the hard drives are pretty new (Maxtor 80GB and 200GB IDE), and the Pioneer DVD drive is pretty new too. The burner is under a year old, but I’ve always hated LG because I’ve read a lot of bad things and when I worked at a PC shop, we replaced every LG drive that we sold.

If I go into the BIOS, I can check the voltages in there, and while they were never really up to par as far back as I can remember, perhaps there is a threshold that should be met? I think the +12V was just over 10V, so maybe that is bad?

I don’t have a lot of money, so I need to know if buying a new PSU or a new DVD-RW is the route to take. If the latter, I’ll probably go with a Liteon or a Pioneer.

Thanks for any advice.

I think the +12V was just over 10V, so maybe that is bad?

Deffinitely bad, assuming it is a correct reading.

Sounds like a software issue though, did it ever work?

Yes, it worked wonderfully since June. I’ve burned somewhere between 150 and 200 discs with it. Some coasters, but mostly alright. Usually coasters on cheap media.

What kind of software issue could it be? It sometimes does that power loss sound during boot up, and then the system locks up then, so it can’t possibly be the burning software.

It does this on both Debian Linux and Ubuntu Linux, but it used to work fine until the last two weeks.

Well, I checked it out again, and the +12V was saying +10.5V, fluctuating within about .25V up or down from that. Also, the +5V was only at +4.2V or so.

I put in a new power supply (just a cheapo one I had laying around) and the readings are +12.15V and +4.95V.

I hope this works. If so, I’ll buy a new Enermax.

I had a problem way back with an older LG model I kept burning cheap media (memorex from futureshop) and the drive would stop working after about 2 months which is about 150-200 burns. I replaced the drive 3 times (bought the warenty) then switched to benq 1620 could be a bad drive my point is. Now I have been running a 4163B for some time works great no problems.