Burning difficult or damaged DVDs?

I have DVD Fab Platinum, which is great, but recently run into difficulties, that it has been suggested DVD Fab can’t handle.

I have a few scratched discs, of which I’ve tried to copy one, to no avail. A window comes up with ‘errors detected. ignore/ignore all/cancel’ but selecting ignore doesn’t work. The program just keeps running but getting nowhere.

I also have a DVD that was given as a present from UK which I was trying to copy because it’s the wrong region for my player. It will work on the computer but says ‘wrong region’ on the player. Tried to copy this & DVD Fab treated it the same way as the scratched one. It was suggested in the DVD Fab forum that it is a ‘marginally bad read’ or such, which poses probs for copying.

Is there any program or setting or such which I may be able to get to work with these discs? Pref free or trial, as I’m more than happy with Fab generally.


the readability of a scratched or otherwise damaged disc is mostly determined by the drive.


I agree with mciahel the drive plays a major role in reading a disc.
That’s why some have several drives from different manufacturers.
For the region removal I would try DVDShrink.Just do the full disc & make settings where DVDShrink doesn’t compress the copy any.
DVDFab should remove the region code too but if you have it set to & it doesn’t try DVDShrink.
I have AnyDVD but you can get a trial version.Try it combined with ImgBurn.ImgBurn will warn you about using AnyDVD but it works for me.
Finally you could try the old software DVD Decrypter not DVDfab HD Decrypter from DVDfab.
If all those fail it’s back to the drive.It’s probably not going to read the scratched disc.
Last you might try something to remove or lessen the scratches.I have never tried one but there are some commercially available polishing compounds “scratch” removers & some use toothpaste.
I would try that as a last resort.