Burning different episodes from different dvd's to one 'favourite episode dvd'!

I recently ripped a couple of disks of my laurel & hardy collection because I’d like to make one favourite laurel & hardy clips dvd.

The collection is huge, and the episodes I like so much are spread over the diffent dvd’s.

I used dvdfab to rip the disks to my harddisk, but now I’m wondering how I can manage to burn just two or three of the best short movies to one cd/dvd,
So in the future I can watch my favourite scenes at one time without having to change the dvd’s every time.
Of every disk I have a sepperate video_ts folder on my hdd which contains all the vob/bup/ifo files of the diffent short movies.

My question is: is there a program in which I can drag and drop all the video_ts files and then get a nice overview of the diffent short movies that are in there, and next make a selection of the short movies I want to burn, and then finally burn them to a dvd? Preferably there’s an option in there too that can make a nice menu of the diffent short movies I selected, so I will be able to start with the last movie… ones I play the dvd in my dvd player!?

It appears complecated to me… but I hope there is a solutioin out there…

Thanks for any advise or replies that can help me further.


That’s re-authoring a DVD.
Providing you get the rights to do it, i.e. you are not limited by copyright reasons, there are ways to do it and guess the subject was already dealt in this forum.
Maybe you can do a search on it, but pay attention to the forum rules.

Thanx for you reply, I see what you mean, hadn’t realised…
The thing is, this boxset I bought contains 21 dvd’s, and alot of both colored and black and white versions…
Becouse I’m planning a year off for traveling I thought of bringing just a few dvd’s and than it crossed my mind this thing was maibe possible…
I gues I have to stick with the full backups now… that is legal isn’t it? make one copy for yourself? I’m not going to bring the originals!

You can combine the different favorite episodes into one DVD using DVDShrink. Here’s the guide…http://www.dvdshrink.info/compilation.php

Unfortunately, no menus though…