Burning different data to different drives at once

Not sure if this can be done but…

Have a bucket load of data coming in, in dribs and drabs, and a fist full of LaCie D2 Lightscribe external drives. I need to be able to burn different data to the seperate drives at once.

Simple question - Can it be done?
Hard question - How?

The LaCie drives come bundled with Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 (feel a bit ripped off that they are shipping old software with new drives - but hey), but I am not adverse to grabbing something new, but would prefer to still be able to lable using the Lightscribe facility - it looks pretty for the punters.

Can anyone help?

If you can open multiple instances of Roxio, then it might just depend on how good your PC is. Have you tried this yet?

Don’t appear to be able to open more that one copy of Roxio - error message along the lines of “Another profile has this open, close it down to continue …”
Suspect that we have enough grunt
Machine specs
2 x dual core 2 Gig Athlons
8 gig RAM - Bloody Windows 2003 only recognises 4 Gig
Dual 10K Ultra 320 140 Gig SCSI HDD
Umm - this is a recycled server, not my every day machine…

Was thinking that possibly running Nero next to Roxio to see if I can burn to two drives at once. Any thoughts?

I am not one that burns discs very often at all, and when I do it is one CD-R at a time. But, with that much under the hood (nice system by the way), I think all you need to do is find burning software that will open multiple instances (or use several different programs at the same time). Then just run some tests to see how fast you can burn with how many running at a time before you have probs.

Nero Burning ROM is capable to do multiple recordings simultaneously. Example below are screenshots from Nero


Just to help clarify things…can you burn different data to different drives at the same time with Nero? It looks like your example is same data to different drives.

Correct. The example is same data to different drives. You can open multiple instances of Nero to burn different data to different-multiple drives. Thanks for the reminder.

Zevia - Roxio does multiple recordings at once too, but not with different data sources. Will Nero handle different sources, or just a single source to multiple outputs.

Richman - Not such a nice system, seeing as it is a rackmount pizza box, but fast yes. I will try installing a Nero demo to see if it works before lashing out with a purchase.

I think I have also worked out another solution, seeing as we have a fair amount of grunt, we might try running some virtual machines, but as a colleague pointed out I might run into issues with USB seeing as most of the ports are on a single bus (1 stand alone and 4 on another). Fortunately the LaCie drives are both USB2 and FireWire, unfortunately the pizza box has no FireWire.
At least this solution would allow me to use the bundled software and keep it nice a legal.

Thanks for your input people!

Sorry zevia - Im a little slow on the keyboard - re questions in last post. I will take a look at Nero. I was reading somewhere that it has Lightscribe support so I will look into that also.